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Click Here for CoffeeCup Website Design Software
Click Here for CoffeeCup Website Design Software
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How To Build A Website? Have You Ever
Wanted To Know How To Create A Website?
Learning how to build a website may be easier than you have ever
imagined. It was just a short time ago that I myself was pondering
the question of, how to start a website and I'm going to let you in
on a little secret; it's called CoffeeCup Software and you can
literally learn how to make your own website within as little as a
couple of hours to a couple of days.

Does this scenario sound familiar?
A couple of years ago, I had decided that I wanted to learn how to create websites.
Now, I looked around on the internet and concluded that I would teach myself how
to code HTML, XHTML and CSS. I purchased a couple of books, spent hours upon
hours locating information on the internet and finally after several very dedicated
weeks, I was able to create a very basic site. I quickly found, however, that many of
the fancier applications that I wished to create were beyond the scope of my books.
So, I had a decision to make: either, continue beating my head against a wall, or find
a quality program, that would allow me much more flexibility and freedom to build
my websites.
After looking at many different options, one choice quickly rose to the top:
CoffeeCup Software. One of the attributes that makes CoffeeCup a great choice is
that you can use their software on a trial basis. They allowed me almost a month of
use without having to pay a penny-now that's a great deal. They also make it easy to
learn how to build a website, now, I'm not going to say that learning code is a waste
of time; because it isn't, at some point you will want to educate yourself-but, in the
mean time, it is an unbelievably satisfying experience to see your first site "go-live."
When I first began using CoffeeCup, I started with their HTML editor. It allowed for
WYSIWYG and coding aids, which was a big help. While this program works very
well, if you are familiar with HTML, if you are just breaking in and still need to learn
how to make a website, I would suggest the Visual Site Designer (VSD). I do use
both, but primarily, I create my sites with VSD. In fact, I created this site with VSD
and each webpage only takes about 20 minutes to create, once you get a feel for the
program. If you want to insert a picture, click and create, do you need to insert a
link, just click and create; no coding! They also have a great forum that is available to
their community with knowledgeable and helpful site designers if you should run
into any problems along the way.
After using the programs and seeing how valuable they were, I decided to purchase the whole suite of
software; as you get a very nice discount if you purchase all of the software together and it is much
cheaper than most of the other programs out there. There are programs to create RSS feeds, video,
on-line jukeboxes, just about anything you want. Within a very short period of time, CoffeeCup will
allow you to build a website to help your business, amaze your friends, or just learn how to create a
website that may benefit others with reviews, like me. CoffeeCup easily gets two thumbs up from me,
if you would like more information: