Cell Phone Signal Booster-Does It
Really Boost Cell Signals?
I am going to give you a biased review for this one. I have
personally used two different types of cell phone signal boosters
from two different manufacturers and one of these products
worked great while the other didn't work at all-hence the reason
for my bias.
Living in, or traveling to, a remote region can be
rewarding in so many ways; but to do so, we must at
times, make sacrifices. One of these sacrifices used to
be, the lack of your cell phone signal. No more, with
today's technology you can stay connected to the world.
I recently found myself in a remote location in Northern Michigan and my
only means of communication and data transmission was via cell phone. Now,
I actually reside full time in Florida, where my reception is great-so I use my
phone for calls and as a modem for my computer; thank god for EVDO. At
any rate, I had no signal at this new location and I would be residing here for
the better part of 3 months-so I had a choice: get a temporary land line, or
find a quality cell phone signal booster. I opted for the second.
First, I purchased an "in-home" model from zBoost. The Radio Shack
employee informed me that he had one of these in his home and it worked
very well. I was led to believe that it would be perfect for my remote location
and it should cover me throughout a 1600 sq. ft. home. Well, I arrived at
home and eagerly unpacked this little miracle maker and to my dismay…I
was still unable to make or receive a phone call. Now, my phone indicated
that it was receiving 3-4 out of 5 bars of signal, but I was unable to make a
call. Additionally, if I moved further than 10 feet from the device, I would lose
even the false signal that I was getting. Hmmm, back to Radio Shack.
The employee did apologize and refunded my money, but I still was in need
of a good cell phone signal booster. So, I returned to shelf and asked him
about another product: the SignalBoost cellular amplifier kit by Wilson
Electronics. He told me that it was primarily used in vehicles and he didn't
know that much about it. I had already purchased and refunded a unit that
cost $300.00 and this was $250.00, so I decided to give it a shot.
Again, I found myself un-boxing my great new hope-but this time with less
enthusiasm. The result: it really worked! I went from zero signal to 2-3
legitimate bars of signal. I was not only able to make and receive calls, but I
was able to again use my phone as a modem to transmit data for my
computer-whew. They do have versions for the home, office, or road, but I
suggest this one-as you can use it for all three. It does have a cradle that you
set your phone in, but I found that back at home-in sunny Florida-I even get
an enhanced signal by just being within a few feet of it.
Finally, not only do I whole heartedly feel that this is a quality product, that really works, but
I paid $250.00 for it at Radio Shack and Amazon is selling it for under $200.00-good luck and
happy connections.

Written By K.Stewart